Quotation Wall

On Project Management

  • The goal of a project is the benefit, not that product.  — Jay Siegelaub
  • Strategy is what takes a pool of projects and makes them into a program.  — Spencer Chappell
  • I share information, I don’t share data.  — Travis Ma
  • There is risk acceptance and there is risk acknowledgement, be sure you know which you’ve been given.  — me
  • We make sure that the product is built right, not that the right product is built.  — Andreas Lemos on requirements gathering
  • You get what you inspect, not what you expect.  — Dave Warrick
  • Some people have 10 years of experience. Others 1 year, 10 times. — @bbart
  • Managing projects requires you to be part Glinda the Good Witch & part Wicked Witch of the West.  — @ditucci
  • Don’t spend time justifying why a project is behind time and over budget; find a way to get it on time and on budget, because it’s your signature on that project.   It’s your legacy.  It’s your portfolio of success that you’re building. — PMI Today, March 2009.
  • Most project managers think that the 3 most important factors to getting a project done are Time, Money, Resources. In fact, the most important factors are Will Power, COMMITMENT, then Time, Money, and Resources.  — Via Alan Ho

Misc good thoughts

  • The little things ARE the big things.  — me
  • Bad habits are magnified in an environment of scarce resources (time, money, people, etc.). We all have bad habits.  — John Creighton
  • Do not mistake my act of kindness for a sign of weakness.  — me
  • Pros get paid but amateurs are driven.  — Alec Muffett on open source software
  • Not everything that counts can be counted, not everything that can be counted counts. — Albert Einstein
  • Silence is often misinterpreted but never misquoted.  — unknown
  • Each success only buys an admission ticket to a more difficult problem. — Henry Kissinger
  • Public 1-1’s never go as planned.  — Jerry Hunter

Just plain funny

  • You can’t please all of the people all of the time… so just focus on pleasing your spouse and your boss and life will go pretty well.  — me
  • I don’t disagree that it’s not something that shouldn’t be killed.  — John Saino
  • I’ll take one… I’m a human garbage disposal. — Michelle Evans when offered a brownie
  • Are you buying the fish that I am selling to you?  — Max Raynor while trying to convince our team of something.
  • When people ask me what I miss about being Secretary of State I tell them I miss my airplane.  — Colin Powell
  • Are you having a problem with your mother?  No, but I think she’s having a problem with me!  — overheard conversation
  • Knowing is half the battle… the other half is getting your ass kicked by people smarter than you. — me
  • The Vatican is against surrogate mothers. Good thing they didn’t have that rule when Jesus was born!  — @FunnyJoker
  • She is the perfect wife, she cooks, cleans, mends, socializes… One of these days she’s gonna melt down;  I hope I’m out of town that day!  — unknown

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