About Brian

Brian’s day (and evening and night) job is leading a group of IT Project Managers. He is a husband and father of two, Mini owner, road cyclist, frisbee fanatic, music fan, geek, and consumer of many rum drinks. His horribly out of date family website is The Herman Organization.

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BrianBrian in his Mini

3 Responses to “About Brian”

  1. Hey Brian —
    Congratulations on the move! I can understand the loss in moving out of a “first house”. Bill and I had lived in our first joint house for 14 years — made a home together. We packed up almost 200 boxes (arggh!). Since I have this terror of not finding things when I want them, we numbered each box, and had a book that told us what was in each. It took over a year to finally empty them all. We’re settled in (6 1/2 years later), and gradually fixing up the house (upgrading bathrooms, kitchen etc).
    Best of luck!

  2. Brian, I see you haven’t posted in awhile but your stuff is really funny! I found your blog via your hilarious “scope creep” image. Can I steal it? I googled “scope creep” — you be the judge. I also fly Alaska a lot. Nice folks.

    • Hey Karen, thanks for the complement. I wish I made more time to write. I really miss it. Go right ahead and use the image. Glad you like it! 🙂 Merry Christmas!

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