The Gabe Dixon Band Fishbowl

Amazon holds periodic promotional events, for lack of a better phrase, where a featured author or artist from is brought in to talk to employees over the lunch hour.  They do this every 2 weeks or so; I attended my first one this week.  The Gabe Dixon Band came in and performed a fantastic set for us.  Gabe played piano and Jano Rix played percussion using only a guitar body.  The music was great.  Gabe has a high smooth voice that reminds me of Jason Mraz, and he’s a hell of a piano player.  His songs have smart, interesting lyrics – no popcorn to be found (yea!)  He did some mellow stuff and a few hoppin’ songs that had us all clapping along, and he closed with a “sing-along” where he taught the crowd a “wooo hooo” sort of line, very fun!

Jano’s percussion was incredible.  His method was based on hand motions on a guitar.  He placed a clothespin across all the strings, right over the sound hole and when he smacked it with his fingers it sounded for all the world like a high-hat.  He’d use the heel of the same hand to pound the guitar body just below the hole which produced a deep base drum sound.  With his other hand he’d tap his fingers against the side of the guitar, producing a higher pitched drum sound, and periodically he’d let the ring on his finger smack the side giving a nice snare drum rim-shot effect.  You would have sworn there was a drum kit in the room, or at least a drum machine.  It was amazing to watch.

I went home that night and downloaded the band’s self titled album.  It’s only $6.95 and worth checking out if you like piano rock.  Good stuff!


~ by brianherman on November 8, 2009.

One Response to “The Gabe Dixon Band Fishbowl”

  1. I am so bummed I missed that. It was on my calendar and I didn’t go :-(. You’ll have to share your music with me!

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