Thoughts from the Fuselage: Part 3 – Late June 2009

Thoughts from the Fuselage: Part 3 – Late June 2009

Ideas, thoughts, musings, and drivel captured while commuting by air.

June 26th

Today we open with The Thompson Twins’ “Doctor Doctor” – one of my favorite songs.


The flight attendant slipped into a gestapo German accent for the “Turn off all your electronics for takeoff, arm the doors and cross check” announcement.  Wicked funny.

I’m on the starboard side of the plane and have a FANTASTIC view of Rainier on the way out of Seattle!  It never gets old!

I’m sitting next to an amazing little girl.  She’s “almost 8” and is traveling alone. “Don’t worry, I’m used to it, I do it all the time”.  Her mother lives in Seattle with her boyfriend and her father lives in Denver with his girlfriend.  She lives with mom but flies back to Denver for 4 or 5 times a year for  holidays, spring break, and a month each summer.  Her mother is able to bring her to the gate and stay with her until she boards the plane.  Her father will pick her up at the gate in Denver (“he has a special security pass so he can come get me”) and in between the flight attendants and fellow passengers take care of her.  She’s just an angel – and a worldly little traveler.  She has a lanyard with a holder for her boarding pass and ID.  She has a water bottle in the seatback, a rolling backpack under her seat and a little knit purse with her that holds a pink CD player with a Rascal Flatz CD, a little cinderella book, a stuffed horsie, a tin of tic-tacs and some coloring pens.  When the flight attendant comes by and gives her special instructions for using the oxegen mask she says “Boy, that’s a lot to remember!”  She’s very matter of fact about the whole trip. I’m so impressed with this little road warrior.  It makes me think we might be able to fly one of Orion’s friends out to stay with us on occasion.

Flying Southwest today – they do a fine job but it’s just not the same vibe as @AlaskaAir.  This sad Coke isn’t getting it done, I want my Jones Soda!

The guy next to me took an interest in my “moving to Seattle” story and gave me a great pep-talk on the area, activities, and lifestyle.  He was born and raised in Colorado but now he considers the North West his home.  Nice.

I’m betting you love Sublime’s “Santeria“.  And I’m further betting that you sing or hum along with the catchy melody but have never really listened to the lyrics.  If I’m right, then you’re in for a shock on your next listen cuz that song is D*A*R*K!

I’m singing along (ok, mouthing along) to Little Big Town’s “A Little More You” and the girl next to me asks me what my favorite song is.  I tell her that sometimes it’s whatever song I’m listening to right at the moment.  She says “my favorite song is anything Country & Western” which is perfect – I hand her my headphones and with a big smile say “then you’re gonna love this song!” and hit the re-start button.  She loved it and told me I need to check out Darren Motamedy, a sax player she loves. (He’s a teacher at her school – she says go to

Couple across the way from me is all snuggled up together.  Can’t decide if it’s cute or annoying.  I will go with cute for now.

June 29th

Traveling with my wife who’s coming to Seattle to see our new house – we put an offer on it with her having only seen it online.  She’s going to get the kids registered for school, signed up for hockey and ballet, and get us organized for our move in July.  She’s riding along on my weekly commute, up at 5:00 this morning for the first flight out to Seattle and coming home Friday after work.  She’s traveling light as I’ve been bringing a few of her things out over the past weeks.  This makes it easy to zip through the airports.

Today it has been utterly cloudless from DIA all the way to eastern Washington.  I don’t know if it will stay clear all the way into seattle, but I’ve seen more scenery today than on any other flight I’ve taken.  There is still quite a bit of snow on the peaks of every mountain range we’ve crossed and Colorado is as green as I’ve seen it in 10 years or more.

Woman next to me is balancing her checkbook in a paper register.  I didn’t know people did that anymore!

This weekend was hard!  We’re starting to feel the gravity of the end – many of the things we’re doing are “the last time we…” see friends, eat at restaurants, etc.  Ugh!

Seeing the Snake River and the Columbia River for the first time.  They are so big!

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