Thoughts from the Fuselage – Part 2 – May & June 2009

Thoughts from the Fuselage: Part 2– May-June 2009

Ideas, thoughts, musings, and drivel captured while commuting by air.

May 15th


Ozomatli’s “Love and Hope” is a fantastic tune!

Enjoying R.E.M’s “iTunes Originals” album – thanks Barb!

May 18th

An SLA doesn’t necessarily assist in obtaining high quality results, rather it provides the basis for conflict negotiation when things don’t go well—something like a pre-nuptial agreement.

Thinking more about that… I don’t want an SLA that tells me what you’ll do when things go wrong… what I want is for things to actually NOT GO WRONG!

May 22nd

Why do airplanes have a different style seatbelt buckle than automobiles do?  One of them must be “better” so why doesn’t the other industry adopt the design?  I’m sure someone will say “blah blah blah each is best suited for it’s purpose.”  Hogwash.  Pick one and roll with it!

I love me my Jones’ Soda on @AlaskaAir!  Why would you drink coke/sprite/pepsi/slice/crap when you can get this stuff?!

She Says” by Howie Day – Love this song!

Overly ludicrous safety precautions continue to get worse by the month:  After pre-fight BS announcement ordering us all to turn off everything we own that has a switch on it, the flight attendant made the guy next to me turn off his Kindle!  Girl, it’s a freaking BOOK not a remote control for a trident missile on the USS Seawolf.  Geezus. I’m half surprised she didn’t make us remove the batteries from our watches.  #WindowDressingSecurityBullShit

♫ It’s a shame that The New Radicals only did one album, their stuff was really good.  I recommend you check it out… some is very Rolling Stones like (“You Get What You Give” & “Someday We’ll Know”); other stuff is edgy and cool “I Hope I Didn’t Just Give Away the Ending”, “Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too”).   Go spend the $10 for it, hell that’s cheaper than a burger at Red Robin.

Woman sitting next to me ordered a vodka and cranberry.  She drank the juice, then opened up a packet of Emergen-C Acai Berry flavor (which smells HORRID) and then dumped the vodka in and drank it!  HOLY !#$%!

Reading travel safety tips and spotted this gem:

Abductions by car: If someone orders you or tries to force you into a car, you must do whatever you can to stay out of that vehicle. “That means they are going to take you to the secondary crime scene, and nothing good ever happens at the secondary crime scene,” [safety expert Robert] Siciliano says. “That’s where they identify the body.”

June 15th

DIA pissed me off in a big way today.  They’ve changed their long-term parking shuttle bus routes and they are no longer predictable.  All of the business travelers on the bus were PISSED today when it took 20 minutes to get from our cars to the airport (usually takes 5).  Then I got to the security line… seriously, the DIA crew must purposely try to make things inefficient.  Guys, go take a look at how security is done in Las Vegas for some clues on how to handle crowds.  But once I got to the gate, @AlaskaAir handled things beautifully, as they always do.  Great service picked up my mood.

Norah Jones singing “Be My Somebody” makes me happy, I think I’ll play it twice.

I’ve put on a few pounds since moving to Seattle… it’s party because I don’t eat many home cooked meals anymore, partly because ice cream is my comfort food at night, and partly because I eat junk when traveling.  I thought I’d try getting back to more healthy eating starting today.  As a result I bypassed the yummy Jones Sodas and the pretzels on the flight, opting instead from some bottled water.  I’m starved and thinking ahead to lunch today… salad?  Sigh.

June 19th

A nervous flyer asked me if I’d give up my seat so she could sit with her husband (who had the seat next to me).  I happily did it… WTF was I thinking!!!!  I was in a bulkhead row, which is great for laptop use and easy egress from the plane when we land.  Now I’m back about half way and am behind a dude who keeps moving his seat forward and back, trying to purposely snap my laptop screen off.  I’d take this as a sign that I shouldn’t work tonight, but that’s simply not an option today.  OH HOW I HATE THEE, SENSE OF CHIVALRY!  Next time I’m keeping my row 6 seat.

Body and Soul” by Anita Baker… damn that’s smooth!

In the airport today I saw a hardcover edition of a new Jason Bourne book!  I had no idea one was coming out.  I loved the 3 movies (though never read the books). Now I’m hoping they make this into a movie too… and soon, before Matt Damon turns into Harrison Ford.

Ahhh, the drink cart and the little packets of kibble have arrived.

Hey, um, dude?  Quit with the bouncing in your seat already!  It’s like I’m sitting behind a 200 pound 5-year old.  I swear you’re gonna snap the screen off my laptop and then I’m going to strangle you with my headphone cords!

What the hell is a cheddar corn stick?  And why are there Barbecue Soy Nuts in my pretzels?

Want to scare your PM in 2 sentences?  Have the Director of your dev team say this: “The risk is that the scope of our project may not be what the customers will find useful. Managing expectations will be important.”   – Oh, I feel a storm comin’

Jimmy Buffett’s cover of James Taylor’s “Mexico” is fantastic and always makes me want to go somewhere tropical (not necessarily Mexico!  Of course I’ve never really been, so I don’t really know).  That guitar intro is so lazy and carefree… a nice addition, wish JT had it in his too!  🙂

Maybe I should learn to play guitar? Just what I need, another hobby!  (Been thinking about keyboard lessons too, there’s a place on my bus route.  Of course I could just practice my trumpet instead… but it’s hard to sing along with!)

Thinking about my very favorite person in the whole wide world!  Who’s yours?

It would be possible for it to be hotter in this plane, but only if it were on fire.

Wow, reading thru today’s thoughts it sounds like I’m a Grumpy Bastard (TM), but actually I’m in a great (albeit feisty) mood!  Sandy hates it when I’m wound up like this, she won’t be so glad to see me!  Sass annoys her.  😛

Stevie Wonder’s “I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)” has such a great funk ending!

Look! A monkey==> @(^_^)@

Ut-oh, I just got “the look” from the flight attendant for having my laptop open past the announcement.  Ohhhh, the tap on the shoulder too… sigh.  I’m sure the plane will crash any second now… I’ve got to stop buying my laptops from “Evil Overloards’ House of Deadly Plane-crashing Laptops” so I don’t have this problem.  Must go now!

June 22nd

Flying Southwest today because for some crazy reason Alaska Air’s flights were about 3x their normal price for this trip – I’m back with them next week though.

Just recalled how odd it is that @AlaskaAir announces upon landing that “we’ll be existing through the forward left door today” – you know… like 99% of all flights ever.

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  1. …. “What the hell is a cheddar corn stick? And why are there Barbecue Soy Nuts in my pretzels?…” Do you say this in a Family Guy – Stewie voice in your head? I did .. 🙂

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