To blog or micro-blog, that is the question

Way before Twitter caught the attention of Oprah, Shaquille O’neil, and Obama, people were trying to decide what it was and if we needed it.  I’ve heard it called Lifecasting, Braincasting, and half a dozen other silly things.  My favorite handle is “micro-blogging”.  But what does that mean?


Micro-blogging (and yes, for me that’s Twitter but there are other platforms) at times is a great way to meet new people and build relationships.  Other times it’s works like an RSS feed, bringing me news and interesting information.  But I’ve found micro-blogging doesn’t stimulate new learning the way that traditional blogs can.  To me it’s the difference between reading the headlines of a newspaper and reading the editorials.  I enjoy the deeper thought process and interactions that happen in blogging.


Many people think of blogging in terms of their own writing, putting their thoughts out for others to see.  But blogging isn’t about writing – it’s about conversations.  In my opinion, you aren’t an effective blogger if you’re just writing an online diary and hoping people read it.  You need to engage in conversations and see what others have to say.  Hopefully some of that is in comments on your own blog but much of it needs to be in you following other blogs and responding to then.  Sometimes my best ideas start out as comments I write on someone else’s blog, which I later expand on and build into my own more fully developed blog posts, or they just become things that are part of my thoughts/beliefs/learning but never get written down at all.


I think of it this way, blogging is an intimate dinner party filled with deep discussions and debates; Twitter is a happening cocktail party where you’re having short conversations and meeting interesting people but not getting into much detail.  Some of the people at that cocktail party may later become business associates and perhaps even friends, but most will just share interesting thoughts or funny stories and that is an enriching experience too!   


Don’t miss either party, they are both worth your time.


~ by brianherman on June 2, 2009.

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