Thoughts from the Fuselage – May 2009

Thoughts from the Fuselage – May 2009

Ideas, thoughts, musings, and drivel captured while commuting by air.

AlaskaAir 737

Pat Metheny’s “First Circle” is one of my all time favorite pieces of music.  Try the live version on “The Road to You”, it surpasses the studio version.

Captain announces Seattle weather as partly cloudy and 57, eliciting gasps of pleasure and “oh wow” from the passengers.

The sight of Mt. Rainier never ceases to amaze me.  It’s 14k size dwarfts the 14-ers in Colorado because it starts @ sea level whereas the Colorado mountains start from a base of 6k feet.  But more than that, Rainier’s solitude magnifies it’s grander and it’s conic shape belies the power of it’s creation and the danger inherent in its very existence.

Oh Captain (my captain), we haven’t hit so much as a ripple in the air in over 60 minutes, are you ever going to turn off the fasten seatbelt light?  Did you forget about that those little cokes they served us a while back?  That’s it, I’m getting up, and just to spite you, I’m gonna walk through first class and use their fancy front-of-the-plane toilet!

At least a quarter of the people on the Monday-morning run (aka, the commuter special) have noise canceling headphones.  They all look so relaxed.  I think it’s time to cash in my 2 year old loose change jar and get some for myself.

Does anyone else actually read the in-flight magazine?  I do it every flight, every time. But now that I’m traveling regularly I’m screwed because I’ve already seen this one.  I don’t want to read it again… but habits die hard, $5 says I thumb through it at some point prior to landing when they make us turn off our iPods – the longest 20 minutes of any trip.

Captain arrived 45 minutes late for our flight because of Seattle traffic.  When he gets on the PA he explains the situation and apologizes for the inconvenience.  He says “We have a favorable 75 knot tailwind which will shorten our flight time down to just 2 hours, so we’ll keep the petal to the metal and get you there as quick as we can!”  That made me smile.

Today I cashed in my piggy bank (I’d been saving coins for several years) and bought a pair of Bose QC2 noise canceling headphones.  So far I’m liking them, though they don’t let my ears pop easily as we climb and descend.  The music sounds great and they really do take the edge off the engine noise. I can’t wait to see how they perform on my daily bus ride to work which is so noisy my earbuds can’t keep up.

OH MY GOD!!!!!  A 737 just passed us, heading the opposite direction, just a bit off our starboard and a little lower.  I have *NEVER* seen a jet that close in the air; it was close enough that there was no mistaking it as a 737.  Moments later we flew right over his contrail.  WOAH!  I’m sure it wasn’t as close as it seemed, but it was way closer than I’d have liked!

~ by brianherman on May 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Thoughts from the Fuselage – May 2009”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed that blog.

  2. I told you about the Raineer views into Seatac!! Best airport approach EVAH, IMO! It’s also totally cool to see the other volcanoes dotting the coastline.

    I’m very glad you got the headphones – can safely ignore bus freaks now. 😉

    Re the 737 – FREAKY!! I’m jealous. 😉

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