Kill Your Weak IT Projects Now

Kill Your Weak IT Projects Now | E-Oasis Alerts

Blaine Berger of E-Oasis (@eoasis for you twitterheads) wrote this article back in November and I’ve gone back and re-read it several times in the months since then. It’s still as relevant now as it was the day he wrote it.

Almost every company of any size has IT (Information Technology) projects at various stages of completion. Many of these may have substantial resources dedicated towards them and yet they wander in the desert of incompleteness. Can you afford this?

Too many projects carry on via shear inertia. Project Managers and business leaders need to have the courage to ask the difficult questions when no one else will:   Does the business case for this project still hold up?  Would we be better off stopping this project and redirecting the resources somewhere else?  (Or go for the gusto and ask “Why are we even doing this project?”)

You may ruffle a few feathers but that’s only because people don’t like having the spotlight turned on. It’s the right thing to do.

As Blaine says:  Kill your weak IT projects now. It may be painful, but it’s long overdue and you know it.


~ by brianherman on February 18, 2009.

One Response to “Kill Your Weak IT Projects Now”

  1. SPARC? StarOffice?

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