Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Not such a bad idea

John Baldoni wrote an interesting piece for Harvard Business Publishing:

Why You Need to Be a Happier Manager

It’s an all around good read for leaders in any situation, not just business.  I particularly liked this section:

Resolve to cheer. It is a leader’s job to spread confidence. Optimism is critical. While few of us can do anything to affect business conditions, we can control what occurs on our watch, in our organizations. Therefore, managers owe it to their people to look on the bright side, when possible. Not naively, but resolutely. Optimism is not an excuse to be oblivious; it is an obligation of leadership.


As a leader you set the tone for your team. The words you use and the tone you take matter. Do you inspire them? Do they feel the importance of their work? Do they see how they are helping your company succeed? Or are they feeling frustrated and scared because the market is a mess and the company struggling?

These are tough times that impact our jobs, our communities, and our families. Whether you’re a leader at the office, on the local PTO, on your hockey team, or just in your house – your attitude matters!


~ by brianherman on December 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Not such a bad idea”

  1. I couldn’t agree more, Brian. Well said!

  2. I try to remember to ask my kids a question that requires them to think of the positive. Rather than, “how’s your day.” I try to remember to ask, “What’s the coolest thing that happened today.” Or, “What are you looking forward to happening.”

    P.S. Love the snow. Nice affect.

  3. You are not nearly as goofy as you look! Very wise words. *hug*

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