Good things come to those who wait – Sun on the rise

Excellent news:  Gartner grades Sun as Overall Positive in a recent report –


Highlights from the Vendor Rating:

What You Need to Know – Sun Microsystems customers should feel more comfortable with their infrastructures than they have since 2001, because of the company’s improved market and financial position. The past year represents an important turning point in Sun’s ambition to be known as an open-source company.

On Sun’s overall strategy: “Sun is betting on delivering volume-based solutions that will increase its market presence and developer “mind share,” and set the stage for next-generation deployments for which it and its partners will be the primary contributors. Sun’s business model is more forward-thinking than many of its competitors, but not without risk. Converting free-of-charge software downloads, especially Solaris, into an ongoing revenue stream has proved challenging. Gartner believes that Sun’s forward-looking strategy is appropriate and can be a major competitive differentiator.”

On executive leadership: “Sun continues to strengthen its organization. Its executive management team is stable, strong and comfortable working together. With the acquisition of MySQL, it added to its strategic executive team strengths and has filled key executive positions in global sales and services, and green IT responsibility to complement a strong technical competency in hardware and software.”

On CMT (Strong Positive): “Sun has pioneered the market for dense, multicore processor designs, which it refers to as “chip multithreading” (CMT). Its T1000 and T2000 servers, utilizing the Niagara 1 processor, have significantly increased Sun’s penetration of the 1- to 2-socket server market (approximately a $1 billion business). Niagara 2 has been introduced, and a continuation of the road map through 2009 is assured with its next-generation family, called Victoria Falls, which was introduced earlier this year… Sun receives a strong positive rating in this category due to the product’s forward-looking design and philosophy, strong throughput, and reduced space and power consumption.”

On Solaris (Strong Positive): “Solaris remains at the center of Sun’s hardware strategy. With all of Sun’s server and client platforms running Solaris, the operating system continues to hold its market share lead in the Unix market. Sun is conscious of the threat that Linux poses to Unix, and the Sun approach is to enable ever-better Linux coexistence, so that Solaris effectively will become a better Linux than Linux is itself.”

on Identity and Access Management (Strong Positive): Through the integration of several acquisitions from 2003 through 2007, Sun has created an identity and access management (IAM) portfolio that provides enterprises with a relatively effective answer to their IAM requirements. Sun Java System Identity Manager and Access Manager products are considered leaders in the IAM market.

~ by brianherman on July 21, 2008.

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