Six Days Seven Nights

We’ve completed our first week in the new house.  

Our new house

We're movin' on up!

Sadly, I’ve been taking photos with my digital camera rather than my cell phone.  But since I haven’t unpacked the home computer and associated accessories, I can’t get the images off it.  Whoops!  I have a few pictures from my phone now, but I don’t have the “before” images to share.

The move was pretty uneventful, nothing broken (that we’ve found yet), though my subwoofer took quite a tumble in when the trailer was getting unpacked.  It fell and hit the leg of our dinning room table, leaving a big dent in the leg, but what Sandy doesn’t know won’t hurt me!  I haven’t tried the subwoofer yet, it fell about 10 feet, so it might not work so well.  Ugh!

The kids are still camping on the floor in our room while we fix their rooms up.  My goal was to have both rooms done before going back to work today but I didn’t make it.  With the move out, closing, and move in I wasn’t able to even get started until Wednesday.  

Athena’s room was in pretty bad shape.  It had ancient vinyl wall paper, which was over un-primed wallboard, so it took the better part of 18 hours to get it all down.  Then the walls themselves were pretty damaged so there was lots of repair work to do.  Once that was all done we finally got started painting, which I finished about 1:00am Sunday night.  I don’t have the before picture, but I have a post-wall paper and completed paint job shot:


Athena's room - after wall paper removal

Athena's room - after wall paper removal

Athena's room after painting

Athena's room after painting













We’re loving the house and the area.  The kids are hanging out with their friends, we’ve been to a neighborhood cocktail party, and we’ve spent time on the deck and in the hot tub.  Those things are helping dull the backaches from hauling boxes around.  We’ve got the kitchen together, so we’re no longer eating off plastic plates and we’ve moved off the folding table and into the dining room too.


Our first meal in the new house

Our first meal in the new house

We’ve reached the point where putting something away requires moving at least 2 things that have been piled in the way.  I’ve not started on the garage or storage areas yet, but we’ve gotten some clothes unpacked, the BBQ grill is working, and I can find the ice cream when I want it. All in all the place is coming together and we’re happy, though a bit overwhelmed with it all.

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