The Roaring Silence

Other than being the name of my favorite Manfred Mann album (ok, honestly, it’s the only album I know… and even more honestly, there’s just the one song… but what a song!) I guess I need to explain the lack of decent (or any) postings lately.  You see, I have gone and done something truly deranged… I’ve sold my house in the worst real estate market in decades.  

Of course our agent (a smart and talented woman) reminds us that we’ve also done something truly brilliant – bought a house during the worst real estate market in decades!

We’ve had our place on the market since September (2007 – yeah in this market that’s worth pointing out).  In fact we could have produced a child in less time than it’s taken to sell our house.  

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you already know what’s going on (hint hint).  I’ve found it far easier to journal this roller coaster ride in little 140 character bites than to write it all out in my blog.  First, let me explain.  No, wait.  There is too much.  Let me sum up.

  • We’ve been trying to buy a really great house in “old town” Longmont
  • In September we put our house on the market and put an offer on the great old house – contingent upon our sale.
  • We failed to sell (surprise surprise surprise!)
  • People would come close to making an offer but would never make the final commitment.
  • We kept trying to sell, and the house we wanted to buy continued to be available
  • Lather Rinse Repeat
  • In mid-May we were ready to just give up… we’d been on the market for 8+ months, it was almost summer vacation for the kids, we’d frankly had it.
  • We decided to make one last push – drop the price of our house dramatically and go all-out to make the sale, for 2 weeks.
  • We had dozens of showings in the final 10 days but as had happened 7 or some times before, no one would commit.
  • We pulled the house off the market on Tuesday, June 3rd.  
  • We had 7 more showings in the week after that!  These were all repeats for folks who’d seen it before… we decided that was fine, but no new shoppers.
  • Friday, June 13th we got an offer.  We spent half a day negotiating a price and once agreed, we went and put an offer on the same house we’d wanted all along.  It was still available and now on the market almost 18 months, sitting empty for the past 8!  We spent the next half of the day negotiating a price on that house.
  • By 6:00 we were under contract on both places and sitting at Deli Ciosco trying to catch our breath (aided by frosty cold margaritas)

The buyers of our current house have already sold their place and need to close on ours by July 7th, just 24 days after signing the contract.  Since the house we want to buy is sitting empty, this seemed sane.  Of course that was before we really considered what it took to go from zero to packed and ready!  Doh!

We spent last week waiting on inspections of the house, roof, sewer lines, radon, etc.  The inspection turned up some significant radon levels at our place (and at our new place), so we negotiated the fixes for those and a few other minor bits and bites.  When all was said and done we’ll spend about $1000 to fix radon at our place and the sellers of our new home will do the same at theirs.  Ugh!   

All that was done, with contracts signed on Monday, June 24th, along with loans and titles.  All that is left is appraisals (happening tomorrow).  So now this is for real and we’ve begun the packing and throwing stuff away exercise.  

OMG!  We have 10 years of stuff accumulated in this little house (1800 Sqr Ft)!  We have to somehow get it into boxes and onto a truck by July 7 so we can move.  And of course there’s the hundreds of dollars of this-es and thats left to be done (all the utility transfer fees, paying movers, buying food for those who help us, renting trucks, buying paint and ceiling fans and cleaning supplies, renting dumpsters, re-keying locks, the list goes on.

So, it’s late, I’m tired and cranky and stressed, and oh by the way, this is the end of Sun’s fiscal year, so it’s also the busiest month of the year for me at work!  I’ve been writing reviews and reviewing budgets and budgeting reviews and reviewing writing and… huh?

Anyway, enough of that!  In a few more weeks we’ll be living in a beautiful new (to us) old home, with much more space than we have now, and all the goofy little problems that come with an old home, just like those that we leave behind us in our current home.  There is landscaping to address, trees to remove, wall paper to tear down, walls to paint, you know… stuff to keep me busy and off my computer.

Here’s a picture I snapped last winter with my little camera phone, it doesn’t do the place justice, but you get the idea.
Our new house - taken winter 2007


So please forgive the lack of new and interesting content on my blog lately.  I’m sure you’ll understand, it’s not that I don’t want to say anything, it’s just that I’m insane!

~ by brianherman on June 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Roaring Silence”

  1. Ohhh, exciting! I lived in Longmont for a summer and I have coveted houses in the ‘old town’ ever since. We *really* thought about it before we moved here. Hang in there — the boxes pass but the new house will be worth it! Are you going to be walking distance to O’Shea’s?

  2. Yup! We’re just 6 blocks from O’Shea’s, so yumminess is nearby at all times!

  3. Also – the Princess Bride? We *are* two of a kind. Enjoy the moving and the new house! I’m wondering if I know your realtor??

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