How Web2.0 changes the enterprise

Good stuff from Peter Reiser on Web2.0 and the enterprise:

People  are:

  • expressing themselves trough blogging, flickring, youtubing, twittering etc.
  • contributing  on wikis, forum and share their best practices, know-how
  • building large  open source applications with excellent quality and vibrant community support
  • active participating  trough rating, commenting content, downloading videos, photos, blogs
  • are building social contexts  by join social sites like facebook, linkedin, xing etc.
  • having  fun by leveraging mashups like google maps, etc.

and what is happening with the good old Intranet ?

  • boring  portals centric sites  with mainly  top down information flow
  • complicated access from the Internet via VPN, SecureID Card etc.
  • stale and obsolete content
  • inefficient search
  • etc.

… and a lot of frustrated users  escaping from the Intranet – and start using  Facebook, Ning or other Social sites  and have fun …. 

Worth your time to read it.

~ by brianherman on May 3, 2008.

One Response to “How Web2.0 changes the enterprise”

  1. Here’s a website you might enjoy.
    David Warlick is exploring the edges of the Web 2.0 envelope and education.

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