I want my (m)TV

I got my TV back today (see “Turn off my TV” below).  I didn’t jump right on it, instead waited for evening.  We watched a Survivor and Deadliest Catch (as predicted) from TiVo.  So how was the experience?  Well to be honest we didn’t miss it all that much during (or perhaps due to) the normal daily routine.  With all that goes on around here there’s rarely time to sit and watch TV.  What I didn’t miss was the kids having some Nickelodeon or Disney Channel show on during after-school snacks.  Ugh!

I did struggle with the empty sound of the house after everyone else went to bed.  Many of you know I’m a bit of an insomniac. I struggle with it off and on and lately I’ve been in a bad cycle, sleeping only 4 or 5 hours a night.  Sandy and the kids are lights-out by 9:00p and I’ve often got 4 or 5 more hours before I’m tired enough to fall asleep.  I don’t typically watch the TV during these hours, but I do like having the noise as a companion.  The silence in the house was hard for me.  

So tonight I had the Stars/Sharks hockey game on, Dallas sure looks good!  Once that was over I stumbled on to Star Wars II, what a bad movie, but hey, it’s noise and I feel better having it on.

So was “Turn off the TV” week a failed experiment?  I’m not sure.  I didn’t change us one way or the other.  I think the real answer is to not let the TV be a babysitter to your children nor a drug to your mind.  Find a balance that works for your family, find shows you can enjoy together, and don’t let TV become a substitute for conversation and relationships.  Dropping it completely just isn’t realistic.

FWIW, we took things a bit farther and turned “Turn off the TV” week into an eco-friendly event, looking for other ways to save electricity.  We unplugged lots of devices that are only used once or twice a day yet sit there using power to run clocks, await a “turn me on” command from a remote control, or most sinister of all, illuminating little “I’m turned off” lights and LEDs (my toaster has one of these… seriously, it’s a TOASTER!).  That part of the process was fun and raised our kids’ awareness of the waste our society takes for granted.

Well, back to my email and some more background noise of Anakin Skywalker throwing temper tantrums… maybe I’ll watch pro-wrestling instead!

~ by brianherman on April 27, 2008.

One Response to “I want my (m)TV”

  1. It must be the type-A thing as I am also something of an insomniac, but I tend to self medicate with books. We’ve been TV free for about a month due to the move, and I don’t miss it much at all…but I know that once we have a place to sit and watch it I’ll be sucked back in. Good experiment, though!

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