A video as a whiteboard

If you’re a student of presentations, and particularly web-delivered ones, check out what Bart Blanquart did in his 5 Cent Tour of Solaris Role-Based Access Control.  Using a screen capture of his drawing software (GIMP) and some terminal window work, he then clipped this together with his audio for a fantastic whiteboard effect.  

His opening comments on the need for a virtual water cooler really strikes a chord with me.  It’s a common theme where I work… how do you get the benefits of personal interaction when you’re colleagues are thousands of miles apart?  This kind of web-delivered video is a great way to bridge the gap.  And best of all… it’s reusable!  You can give a chat in a conference room to a couple of buddies, or you can post it on the Internet and it can be viewed by millions.  


~ by brianherman on April 19, 2008.

One Response to “A video as a whiteboard”

  1. I am convinced that these types of technologies will not only change the workplace but the classroom and schools, too. Public investments will lag private investments. We’re still working on providing our teachers with laptops and projectors for more engaging instruction.

    The great news is that there are many teachers exploring ways to employ technology to engage students. http://www.budtheteacher.com is one of these teachers who is linked to many others. These teachers will lead the way to transforming education like nothing we’ve seen before.

    Go Avs!

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