The Failure of Technology

Here’s a sight… I’m sitting in the parking lot outside my office on a beautiful day.  I’m meeting someone around 6:30 to head in to Denver for tonight’s Avalanche playoff game.  Sounds fun right?  But why am I sitting in the parking lot rather than in my office?  

Well, the person who’s meeting me is calling my cell phone when he gets near our meeting point so that I can pack up and head over.  The trouble is that my cell phone battery died.  I fully charged it last night, so it’s not my fault.  Really!  

I spent the day in a classroom on our campus that was in an area of horrid cell phone coverage.  The phone kept slipping in and out of service all day.  In doing so it was constantly sending out it’s little “Hello Ground Control, it’s Major Tom” signal, trying to find a cell tower to chat with.  This mowed through the battery in about 6 hours.

Why didn’t I just turn it off and conserve battery life?   Well… I’m covering for my boss this week, so I need to be accessible… turning off my cell-phone while spending a full day away from my desk isn’t gonna cut it.

So after class I went out to the car to plug in my charger, but it turns out that my beloved Mini Cooper is setup such that the lighter/AC-socket only works if the ignition is turned on.   I can’t leave the phone charging and go back in the office to work unless I want to risk the theft of my car (Don’t get me started about how people at work steal lunches, cokes, and even tennis shoes, I’m not leaving my car with the keys in it!)

And I’m pleased/annoyed to see how our WiFi team setup things with a security minded approach, such that I can’t get a signal for my laptop in the parking lot.   Good for corporate security, lousy for me.    I’ve read all the downloaded email I can stand, I’ve reviewed all the presentations I care to.  Darn it, I want my Internet access!   For goodness sake I had to compose this post in a lame text editor for later pasting to my blog.  Ugh!

Technology has let me down… cell coverage, my phone, my car, and even our WiFi.   Hey, at least it’s a nice day and I have the top down on the car!  🙂   But how long will it be until someone calls the cops on the crazy guy sitting in the parking lot with a laptop, clearly performing some kind of corporate espionage, stalking an ex-wife, or otherwise being a creep?


~ by brianherman on April 16, 2008.

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