Guitar Hero – that’s me(dium)

This past week I became the first person in the house to beat Guitar Hero III on medium difficulty.  My daughter Athena has been stuck on the “Live In Japan” set for weeks.  She just can’t get past either “Knights of Cydonia” or “Stricken“.   Now I got through Stricken on the first try but I had to go back and pick up “Knights” (along with Metalica’s “One”) AFTER I completed the final battle.  To me it’s not enough to squeak by, I want to really be able to play the songs, scoring in the high 90’s for accuracy.   So I’m going back now and replaying all songs I got only 3-star ratings for, trying to pull out 4’s and 5’s, but even now I can’t get through Knights every time… 

So, what’s your favorite song to play?  In easy mode mine was “”Welcome to the Jungle“.  In medium there’s so many, but right now I really like “The Metal” and “Cherub Rock

But seriously… when can I get Guitar Hero III on my phone?  Verizon only eh?  Hrumph.

~ by brianherman on April 7, 2008.

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